"логики нет. смысла нет. обоснуй сдох. ПВП такое ПВП" (с) Рыжая шельма
Ооо, просто не могу пройти мимо и не сохранить это себе.

Отрывок из динокасовского фика "Burning the Days" авторства temporalranger. Диалог Сэма и Дина:

"So, you love him."

"... You're such a girl."

"Do you?"

"We're fuckbuddies. And seriously. Testicles. Grow some."


"It's sex, Sammy. You should try it sometime."

"You're such a jerk."


"You were snuggling, Dean. Since when do you snuggle?"

"I do NOT snuggle."

"Dude. I have photos."

"...You're so dead."

"Don't make me send them to Jo."

"What? Put that phone away! I was sleeping! It's not snuggling; it's warmth!"

"Yeah, except that you don't sleep with people, Dean."

"Dude, you're always bitching about me sleeping with people."

"No, you ’sleep’ with a lot of people, you just never actually sleep with them."

"Oh my god, Sam. Just drop it already. We have sex. Lots of it. It doesn't mean we're going to get married or make googly eyes at each other or anything except that we have sex. End of discussion."

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